Saturday, July 15, 2023

Your Long Awaited Social Media Update

 See also on the left bar.



Still on Mastodon and Post despite using them. Who knows where this will all end up. 

Anyway, you can’t link to Threads or Blueskyy as far as I can tell, so until you can, those will just click back here but you can search and follow from those account names.

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  1. Oh what to say? Bluesky is probably the best one and could maybe have been the Twitter killer except they never seem happy with it and just keep extending the beta. Threads is like a building that's not up to code so they left the doors unlocked and now someone's throwing a rave and everyone dancing is from an abusive home. There's a lot of confusion, you're not sure who's laughing or crying but no one wants to go home to Daddy Elon so they'll wait for things to calm down and Uncle Zuck adds a following tab like what they have at that fancy Bluesky place. Mastodon and Post? They were nice when there was no one else but right now I'm not sure if my Post log in would even work. I'm not sure if Bluesky ever would have beaten the app whose sister app has 2 billion users and always yells at you if you aren't on Threads. And that's where we are. Don't try to tell me how great Spoutible is as I'm not sure that's even real.


Don’t make me regret turning this on.