Monday, March 25, 2024

Vot1! Now Here’s What That Won’t Fix

Love to see it. Weeks of people on social media drooling in anticipation of Trump actually facing consequences, only to have those consequences reduced and delayed at the last minute. Followed by the usual exhortations to VOTE AS HARD AS YOU CAN and the explanations of why this isn’t as bad as it so obviously, clearly is.

It’s true that the “only thing” that will save us from Trump is voting in November. And obviously, I encourage that and hope it happens. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a shitty, stupid thing to rely on to save us from the most idiotic, obviously criminal, fascist movement in America’s history.

First, it’s craven buck-passing. Every institution in America, from Congress to the courts to the media, is passing the buck on to you to do the right thing, and if that doesn’t happen, guess who’s fault they’re going to decide it was? Yep. Yours. 

But also, you know what even a 75-25 nationwide Biden/Congress landslide isn’t going to fix? It’s not going to fix? The fact that none of our institutions are even remotely up to task of dealing with any of this shit. Corruption, buck-passing, inefficiency, decades of unopposed gaming of every system in place to keep bad actors in check, none of that changes when Biden wins a second term. It’s not even going to get better.

Because fixing it would mean acknowledging that the problem exists, and even though it’s obvious to every clear-eyed outside observer how broken this shit is, everyone whose continued existence is predicated on pretending it’s not will keep pretending it’s not. And that’s not just the broken institutions, that’s also everyone who, for understandable reasons, needs to believe that the institutions aren’t THAT broken just to make it through the day. And that’s a lot of people.

So, yeah, vote, but just like the win four years ago, 

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