Friday, February 10, 2023

Oldnerd On Instagram

It wouldn't work at all for YAD, and it’s deeply suboptimal even for Oldnerd, but in the post-Twitter social media hellscape, Instagram is the most viable home for the promotion/following of the other blog, Oldnerd. 

You’ll notice new links on the left to the Mastodon (ugh) and Post (double ugh) accounts for this site, and also a link to Oldnerd, which then has a link to the Instagram account where I’ll be promoting new stuff that goes up there. Us it if you find it helpful.

It’s amazing to me that in every single way except the ethics of using it, every single social media alternative to Twitter is somehow worse than Twitter.

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  1. The day Elon bought Twitter I kept seeing "Why haven't a thousand Twitter clones already gone online?" Now we see why. This stuff is HARD and Elon only made it more difficult because he thought it was easy. Jack and Elon are similar creatures but Jack at least didn't have the luxury of pissing on everything in the name of free speech and instead had to create a thriving business. Elon doesn't feel bound to do that


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