Sunday, December 11, 2022

Status Update Status Update

As Twitter somehow seems to find new ways to get worse, here’s how I see the current landscape.

Mastodon: Has reached a point of “mostly functional” for me, but most of the people who follow me on Twitter aren’t there and most of the people I follow are either not there or not posting.

Hive: Appears to have been killed dead by massive security flaws.

Post: Took me half an hour to even find how to get on the waiting list to be considered for an account, which’ll happen when you name your social media company after the verb for putting something on all social media. Currently indestinguishable from a data harvesting scheme from the early 2000’s but I’m told that once you get on it’s an actual thing?

Counter Social: Haven’t messed with this yet because it seemed like a Mastodon spinoff and the last thing I need are Mastodon’s sloppy seconds. Could be convinced otherwise as things get desperate.

Twitter: Twitter seems to be a test of how quickly you can heat a pot and still keep all the frogs in it. Everyone seems to be waiting for it to hit bottom so they can decide if the career and personal benefits outweigh the final ethical and societal cost and it keeps not hitting bottom. Even just posting links without searchable and engageable content leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth at this point but I have no idea how even that is working. with the audience. Seems like not well but maybe everyone’s still finding things here? I’m not sure how shouting into an empty void and shouting into a sparsely populated void is different in any meaningful way but it does feel different.


  1. Fixed comments, sort of. Refuses to let me sign in with my Google account but if it lets you let me know.

  2. I'm not able to post a comment. I also don't see where I would try to post a comment if I wanted to.

  3. I've got to try to find you on Mastodon..


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